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Action Alert: Demand that Mumia see a diabetes specialist
On Monday, March 30, Mumia Abu-Jamal lost consciousness at the State Correctional Institution (SCI) Mahanoy and had to be rushed to the hospital. He was admitted with a blood sugar level of 779, suffering from diabetic shock, and a dangerously high sodium level of 160.
Mumia must see a diabetes specialist (endocrinologist) in order to be properly diagnosed and provided with an individual treatment plan specific to him. Prison officials have a constitutional obligation to treat serious medical needs, and that includes providing specialist care when it is medically indicated. Newly onset diabetes with fluctuating blood sugar levels and a range of potentially related health problems requires specialist care.
Inadequate treatment of diabetes is deadly and can lead to loss of kidney function, nerve neuropathy and amputation of feet and hands.
Take action now – demand that the Department of Corrections permit Mumia to have a diabetes specialist of his choosing:
SCI Mahanoy
Superintendent John Kerestes
(570) 773-2158
SCI Mahanoy
Chief Health Care Administrator Steinhardt
(570) 773-2158
Christopher Opppman
Director, PA Department of Corrections Health Care Services
(717) 728-5309

John Wetzel
Secretary, PA Department of Corrections
(717) 728-4109

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